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This section contains resources for identifying and increasing awareness around bullying.  Resources included are information on bullying laws and policies, information handouts, and games, online videos, and templates for bullying prevention curriculum. is dedicated to increasing awareness of bullying, prevention, resolving, and eliminating bullying in our society.
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Bullying Publication & Resources
Publications and resources for educators, parents, and community members with tools for recognizing bullying behavior and approaches for determining how to respond.
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Bullying Resources for Kids
A wide variety of resources for youth providing information and advice on dealing with bullying.
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Eyes on Bullying
This organization offers information about bullying along with resources, websites, tele-seminars and activities.
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It Gets Better Project
Created out of the sheer necessity to bring awareness to severe bullying amongst LGBTQ students, the It Gets Better Project has thousands of videos of people who were formerly bullied and have succeeded to become empowered and strong individuals despite their past situations.
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Matthew’s Place
The Matthew Shepard Foundation is an online community for LGBTQ youth experiencing bullying.
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National Education Association
Resource for educators about NEA’s Bully Free: It Starts With Me campaign. The site includes tips, research and tools, and prevention and intervention training.
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National Crime Prevention Council
This website features advice, strategies, and downloadable resources for teachers and parents. Information on bullying laws and policies and bully prevention certification programs are also available.
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The National Child Traumatic Stress Network
In support of Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) is providing resources for families, teens, educators, clinicians, mental health professionals, and law enforcement personnel on how to recognize, deal with, and prevent bullying.
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National School Safety Center
A free resource page by the National School Safety Center with links to articles and fact sheets on bullying in schools.
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PACER Kids Against Bullying (National Center for Bullying Prevention)
An interactive site for young children focused on the prevention of bullying. Contains games, polls, coloring templates, online videos, and contests.
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Peace First
Peace First is a national nonprofit that teaches young people the critical skills of conflict resolution, cooperation, and civic engagement. They are most notable for their fellowship program, which recognizes five young people between the ages of 8-22 to acknowledge their peace-building work.
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Peaceful Playgrounds
Peaceful Playgrounds aims to proactively solve bullying issues by using recess games to actively engage children. Not only are children focused and ready to learn, but they are also less likely to bully one another. The site also includes a bullying section under featured articles.
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Stomp Out Bullying
Stomp Out Bullying is a national organization for kids and teens dealing with bullying and cyberbullying. Students can get help, give help, and be a part of campaigns to “Stomp Out Bullying”.
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This site compiles information on bullying from various agencies. All information is divided into age groups.
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Stop Bullying- Cartoon Network
As a popular network with children, Cartoon Network has created inspirational and informative videos on the subject of bullying and what can be done.
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Welcoming Schools: a Project of the Humans Rights Campaign Foundation
The Humans Rights Campaign Foundation provides teachable moments, resources, and information for experts in your area to address bullying. The site also provides articles on embracing family diversity and avoiding gender stereotyping.
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Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center

Pacer’s website is designed to help adults teach elementary school children about bullying prevention, through lesson plans, videos, and other great materials.

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A Bad Case of Bullying: Using Literature Response Groups

“Literature response groups allow students to explore issues of common interest and relate what they have read to their own lives. The lesson on this website could be used with other stories; however, A Bad Case of Stripes allows for a personal connection by having students reflect on similar situations or emotions in their own lives. Acceptable behaviors and ways to prevent bullying in the classroom and school are also discussed.” Website also has online interactive resources that relate to the novel A Bad Case of Stripes.

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No Place for Bullies

This website provides a lesson plan for students to reflect on bullying in the community, and allows the students to suggest solutions to the problem. This lesson plan also reflects on how to be aware and prevent cyber bullying.

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The Learning Network: April Fools!

“In this lesson, students reflect on their reactions to practical jokes. They discuss the social function and personal benefits of practical jokes by contrasting good jokes with bullying and harassment. Then, they create mock scenario proposals for a good-spirited prank television show episode.”

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Novel Helps Struggling Readers Confront Bullying in Schools

“Using a realistic, high-interest novel (The Bully by Paul Langan) and interactive reading strategies, students discuss many issues that surround bullying and consider what they themselves can do to prevent bullying. In a multisession lesson, students read The Bully in stages, discuss the story events and issues related to bullying, and complete graphic organizers to help them organize story information.”

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Discussing Bullying & Antigay Attitudes

“In this lesson, students examine and discuss responses to the recent suicides that have occurred amid antigay bullying and complete an optional campaign to foster safety and acceptance at their own school.” This website includes copies of handouts, and optional campaign resources. 

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This website has resources on bullying and cyber bullying, videos and games to educate students on bullying, and provides resources and information for adults and educators as well. 

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Bullying Prevention in Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

A PDF file that provides instructions for educators on the Positive Behavior Support system (PBS), which includes tactics on preventing cyber bullying, and has detailed curriculum to educate students on bullying.

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Discovery Education: Cruel Schools

Discovery Education provides lesson plans, interactive materials, resources, and suggested readings/links that provide information on how to implement anti-bullying campaigns in the classroom.

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National Education Association: Teaching Students to Prevent Bullying

This website provides curriculum and resources to educators, students, and parents with knowledge on how to prevent bullying. This website has it all, from multiple links to lesson plans, interactive games and videos, scholarly articles, and links to online books and free reading resources.

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Edutopia: Resources to Fight Bullying & Harassment

Edutopia provides multiple resources such as “websites, organizations, articles, planning guides, lesson plans, and other resources dedicated to preventing bullying and harassment”.

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Education World: Anti Bullying Lesson Plans

This website is a great resource for educators anti-bullying curriculum which includes lesson plans, interactive activities such as videos and games, literature resources, and scholarly articles.

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