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Thursday, 02 February 2017 06:43

How 'Little Ole' Baskets' Can Inspire Your Kids

Written by
Welcome to the place where I spend my mornings and afternoons. The place where I share laughs, and tears, and everyday moments with 90 kiddos each day. The place that each day challenges and helps me develop and to be the very best for the students that I get to…
Are you an after school program leader looking to better connect students to the community? Have you heard about project-based learning but lack the skills to implement it effectively? Do you want to see every single one of your students engaged in work that both challenges them and ignites their…
Community gardens serve as a place-based tool for connection, empowerment, and cultural identity. Today, more gardens are popping up in school yards, in vacant lots, nonprofits, and housing developments. Educators are using gardens as creative and holistic tools for teaching beyond the walls of the classroom. In 2014, I wrote the…
Observing. Critical Thinking. Accurate Recording. Reflection. These are much needed skills for living in the complexities of today's world. Developing these skills helps round out youths' abilities to navigate in and contribute to a better world, whether as a concerned person or a student looking towards a future career in…
Asia Society and BOOST Collaborative are partnering to create a series of blogs on global learning in out-of-school time. This blog entry was originally published on EdWeek's Global Learning Blog. This piece is written by Linda Kantor Swerdlow. In her new book, Global Activism in an American School from Empathy to Action,…
Friday, 06 January 2017 17:24

2017: I Am Here (with love)

Written by
Starlings In Winter, by Mary Oliver Chunky and noisy,but with stars in their black feathers,they spring from the telephone wireand instantlythey are acrobatsin the freezing wind.And now, in the theater of air,they swing over buildings,dipping and rising;they float like one stippled starthat opens,becomes for a moment fragmented,then closes again;and you…
Planning a new program or improvements to an existing program usually involves setting objectives, planning activities, and other critical tasks. In the excitement of planning something new, it can seem like a buzzkill to ask, "What could go wrong?" Several months ago, I started asking this question consistently with staff teams…
Friday, 23 December 2016 14:48

Three Shining Lights Against a Dark Cloud

Written by
Under normal circumstances, I'm not one to be political in a public and professional forum, but really, I'm in need of some writing therapy. Every day, I read the latest news story about another negative appointment to the President- elect's cabinet. Who knew there were so many people who both…


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