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22 A 22 caliber gun
187 Murder (California penal code)
911 Police
A'ight Short for "all right"
Autotune A tone or sound used to distort music. Usually used to disguise off-key singing. This tone was used to produce Cher's "Believe" and is also used frequently by Kanye West.
B Alternative for a friend's name
Badonkadonk An expression for an extremely curvaceous female behind.
Bae Before Anyone Else; also known as babe or baby. Is used to describe someone that is important or attractive
Bangin' A euphemism for having sex. Can also describe a good looking person. i.e. “That girl is bangin’.”
Basic To be plain; uninteresting
Beef A conflict between two people. i.e. “I have beef against her.”
BFF Best friend forever
Boo A significant other. Sometimes used to describe a friend.
Booty Call Euphemism for a late night call for sex. A "one night stand".
Bounce To leave a place.
BF Boyfriend
Buggin' To act strange or paranoid.
Busted To shoot at someone.
Butter/Butta Smooth. Could describe music, a dance move, or a style of dress.
Bye Felicia A way to dismiss someone 
Can't Even Refers to moments when someone is at a loss of words for something
Cheese/Cheddar Slang term for money.
Chillaxin’ A cross between chillin' and relaxing.
Chillin' To relax
Creeper A person who "creeps" or stalks someone. Sometimes used to describe a person thought to be weird or strange.
Crew/Krew A person's group of friends.
Crunk/Krunk A combination of the words crazy and drunk. This term was made popular by Bay Area rap.
Dead Used to express something being extremely funny which causes you to laugh so hard it figuratively kills you.
Deep A serious situation. Can also be a way of saying you're hanging out with a lot of people. i.e. “We’re rollin’ deep into this club.”
DM Direct Message
Doe Short for “though”
Dope Cool or awesome. Also slang for drugs, usually marijuana.
Dough Slang term for money.
DTR Determine the Relationship. A term used to describe the conversation had when deciding to date.
Emo A depressed or melodramatic person. Derived from the "emo" genre of music, which sounds like "soft" punk music.
Extra Used describe a person who is being over the top or exaggerating 
Fam An abbreviation used to refer to someone or a group of people that are close to you; i.e close friends
Fasho Short for "for sure"
Feels A response to something that provides an intense feeling of euphoria
Flex Means to show off one’s muscles or can be used to show off in a more general terms
Fly Cool or attractive person or object
Fo shizzle Another way of saying "for sure"
Forty Referring to a forty ounce of beer. Also part of a popular drinking game "Forty Hands" where a person tapes forty ounces of beer to each hand and cannot remove it until he/she drinks it all.
Frontin' Someone who's putting on a façade or is pretending to be someone they're not.
G Short for a gangster
GF Girlfriend
Giving Me Life This phrase is commonly used when something is getting a person excited or full of euphoria
Grill Another way of saying mouth or teeth.
“Go stupid” A term made popular by Bay Area rap meaning to get crazy or to perform a particular dance move. It can also be related to drug use.
Hardcore Intense. Could be a good experience but can also describe when something bad happens.
Hater/H8er A person who hates everything. Can also be used to describe someone you don't like or who is expressing dislike for you.
Hella Originated from the streets of San Francisco in the Hunters Point neighborhood. It is commonly used in place of "really" or "very" when describing something. i.e."That movie was hella cool."
Ho A derogatory term for a female; short for whore
Holla A phrase used to call to a friend. Can also be associated with calling someone on the phone.
Homie/Homey/Homeboy Usually used to describe a good friend but can be used just to describe another person, often associated with being a gangster.
ICYMI In Case You Missed It
IMO In My Opinion
Jacked Slang for stolen or for a situation that's not right
JSYK Just So You Know
JTLYK Just To Let You Know
Keep it Real To be true to yourself or to relax
Kickin' it Taking it easy, relaxing, spending time with friends.
Kicks Slang term for shoes
Mad Dog Staring or glaring at another person intending to intimidate them
My B/My Bad Means "my mistake”
NCMO Non-committal makeout
Obvi Short for the term “Obviously”
O.G. Abbreviation for "Original Gangster"; reference for one of the original members of a clique, set, or gang; in some cases describes a person who has killed someone; also describes someone who is “original” or true to the game/has never “sold out”.
Off the Chain/Hook A situation or object that is really cool.
OMG Oh my gosh/god!
On Fleek or Snatched on-point or very good
Or Nah Another way of saying “or not”
OTP Stands for One True Pairing.  An acronym used to describe a couple that is meant to be
Owned To be made a fool of or to be defeated by someone else.
Playa/Player A person who has a lot of romantic relationships, usually characterized as a cheater.
Po Short for police
Pop a Cap To shoot at someone
Props Indicates proper respect, much like giving a “gold star” to someone
Reppin' Short for representing. Used to describe allegiance to a group, product, or idea. "I'll be reppin' this shirt until I die."
Rollin' Can be used to describe being on drugs. Also means a way of moving or travelling.
Shade Usually used in the phrase, “throwing shade” meaning a person delivering an insult
Shank Prison terminology for inmate's "homemade" knife; can also refer to the act of stabbing someone.
Shut Up Means "tell me more" or expresses excitement or amazement at a situation. i.e."He asked you out? Shut up!"
Sick/Ill Used to describe something/someone cool
Slay Succeeded in something
SMH Shaking My Head
Squad Referred to a group of friends or a clique. Many also use the phrase “squad goals” which means aspiring to be like a certain group or clique
Swerve Telling someone to go away 
TBH An abbreviation for To Be Honest 
TBT An abbreviation for Throw Back Thursday. TBT is commonly used on social media to display old pictures or memories
Tight Used to describe something/someone cool
TIL Today I Learned
Tool A derogatory term for someone, usually meaning that person is lame or "tries too hard." It can also mean someone who's being used by another person.
Trick Out To add accessories to something, usually a vehicle. Also known as to “pimp” something.
Trippin ' To overreact. Can also reference being on drugs.
Turnt To be hyped up; energized; having fun
V Card Euphemism for virginity
Wanksta Short for "wannabe gangster." Someone who acts tough but isn't pulling it off.
Whip A car or vehicle
Yadida Short for "you know"; made popular by Bay Area rap
Yadidamean Short for "you know what I mean"; made popular by Bay Area rap.
Yas Adding emphasis on the word “yes”
YOLO You Only Live Once

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