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Accountable Care Organization

Groups of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers who coordinate and provide high quality care to Medicare patients.


Activities of Daily Living

The measurement of the functional status of an individual, especially in regards to seniors and people with disabilities.


American Hospital Association

An organization that promotes quality health care in hospitals and other health care networks through public policy and providing information related to health care.

AoA Administration on Aging The agency of the HHS assigned to assist elderly Americans remain independent in their communities.

American Public Health Association

A D.C based organization for public health professionals that promotes preventative health services.


Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

Represents the nation's public health agencies and influences public health policy.


Bureau of Community Health Services

Funds community agencies that provide health services that primarily focus on health care accessibility for vulnerable, underserved and rural populations.


Cost-Benefit Analysis

A systematic process to determine the benefits and costs of a project, decision or government policy, provides a basis for comparing projects.


Community Based Care Transition Program

Created under the Affordable Care Act, tests models to improve care transitions and reduce re-admissions for high risk Medicare beneficiaries


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The federal department under the HHS that is responsible to protect public health and safety through disease control and prevention.


Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, Stanford University

Serves as a model to provide older adults education to cope with chronic diseases and build confidence so they can enhance their quality of life.


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services previousing known as HCFA (Health Care Financing Administration) 

A federal agency under the HHS that administers the Medicare program and works in partnership with state governments to administer Medicaid.


Current Population Survey

The primary source of high-profile economic statistics which include information on labor force and unemployment which is sponsored by the US Census Bureau.


Care Transitions Intervention 

A type of intervention with the goal of improving transitions by promoting knowledge and self-management as patients move from hospital to home.


Department of Transportation

The government agency responsible for regulating transportation and overseeing interstate travel.


Diabetes Prevention Program

A program funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases to determine the safety and efficiency of interventions that prevent or delay diabetes.


Diagnosis-Related Group

A patient classification system based on the diagnosis of distinct groupings of individuals.


Environmental Protection Agency

The federal agency devoted to the maintenance and enforcement of a variety of environmental laws in accordance with state, tribal, and local governments.

EPSDT Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment A program that provides comprehensive healthcare services for children under the age of twenty-one that are enrolled in Medicaid.

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

A non-profit organization that conducts biological and medical research and additionally holds academic conferences and publishes scientific literature.


 Federal Communications Commission

An independent agency of the US government that works on areas such as the media, broadband, public safety, and homeland security

 Financial Management Service

A bureau of the US Department of Treasury that provides several financial services for the federal government
FTC  Federal Trade Commission An independent agency of the US government that is responsible for consumer protection and the prevention and elimination of anti-competitive business practices 

 Failure To Thrive

A notable delay in growth of an infant or young child
FY  Fiscal Year A period of time used to calculate annual financial statements in organizations and other businesses 
GAO  Government Accountability Office The audit, evaluation, and investigation engine of the US Congress that helps to uncover waste and inefficiency in the federal government 

 Department of Health and Human Services

The US department devoted to protecting the health of all Americans and provides essential human services 

 Indian Health Service

An operating division under the HHS that is responsible for providing medical and public health services to members of federally recognized tribes and Alaskan natives 
HMO  Health Maintenance Organization An organization that provides managed care for health insurance in the US and acts as a liaison between health care providers and customers

 Health Resources and Services Administration

An agency under the HHS that is primarily responsible for improving access to health care services for uninsured and underinsured individuals 
HSP  Head Start Program A program under the HHS that aims to provide comprehensive services to low income  families and their respective children

 Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

The oldest university-owned teaching hospital in the country 

 Institute of Medicine, The National Academies

A non-profit organization that provides national recommendations on topics relating to biomedical science, medicine, and health
MCHS  Maternal and Child Health Services The oldest federal-state partnership that helps to ensure the health of mothers, youth, and children especially those with low-incomes or limited availability of care

 National Association of Extension Home Economists

A profession improvement organization that provided opportunities for member to improve their skills as home economists and adult educators

 National Cancer Institute

One of the eleven agencies that are part of the HHS which conducts research and information dissemination related to the causes, prevention, and treatment of cancer
NH Nursing Home  A private institution or company that provides long term care and residential accommodations with health care, especially for the elderly

 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

A program that assesses the health of  American adults and children which incorporates  interviews and physical examinations as part of the studies
NIA  National Institute on Aging The primary agency under HSS that leads scientific effort in order to understand the nature of aging and conducts Alzheimer's disease research

 National Institute of Health

An agency under the HHS that is responsible for biomedical and health related research
NRC/NAS  National Research Council/National Academy of Science The council under the US National Academies that produces reports that shape policies, inform public opinion, and furthers the pursuit of science, medicine, and engineering 
NSF  National Science Foundation A US government agency that supports research and education in all non-medical fields of science and engineering
NWA  National WIC (Women, Infants, Children) Association An organization that works on behalf of the WIC program in order to gain bipartisan support in the US Congress and raise awareness about early childhood nutrition 

 Older Americans Act

The first federal level initiative that was aimed to provide comprehensive services for aging adults 
ODPHP  Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion The office under the HHS that coordinates disease prevention, healthy lifestyles, and health literacy across the US

 Office of Management and Budget

The executive office that is responsible to measure the quality of agency programs, policies, procedures and evaluates if they are in line with the President's policies 
OTA  Office of Technology Assessment An office of the US Congress from 1972 to 1995 that was created to provide Congressional members with analysis on complex scientific and technical issues of the late twentieth century 

 Pan American Health Organization

A public health agency that is recognized by the United Nations that works to improve the health and living standards of the people living in the Americas 
PCPFS  President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports An organization under the office of Public Health and Science that works to motivate Americans of all ages to maintain healthy lifestyles and be physically active

Public Law 

Law that concerns relationships between individuals and the government such as constitutional law, criminal law, and tax law
PPO  Preferred Provider Organization A managed care organization of health care providers that work with an insurer to provide clients with healthcare at reduced rates
PSRO  Professional Standards Review Organization A group that monitors government health insurance programs and assesses the quality and cost of health care

 Quality Adjusted Life Year

A cost utility analysis used to measure the number of years added to an individual's life by medical intervention 

 Quality Improvement Organization

Private contractors of the US federal government that monitor the efficacy of healthcare to Medicare beneficiaries 

 Quality Assurance Criteria (Acronym for Relevant, Understandable, Measurable, Behavioral, Achievable)

A program designed to instill an understanding for quality care

 Subjective data, Objective data, Assessment, and Plan

A process of documentation that health care providers utilize to track their patients' progress

 Statement of Work

A formal document that details the work activities and timeline of a vendor that must be completed for the client 

 Social Security Administration

An independent agency of the US that is in charge of Social Security, a social insurance program that supplies retirement, survivor, and disability benefits

 United Nations Economic and Social Council

An organization that promotes international peace and security through the collaboration of education, science, and culture
UNICEF  United Nations Children's Emergency Fund A program that provides long term humanitarian assistance to children in developing nations 
USAID  Unites States Agency for International Development The US federal agency responsible for assisting in economic, development and humanitarian foreign aid

 US Public Health Service

The primary division of the HHS that is overseen by the Surgeon General and composed of public health professionals dedicated to health promotion and disease prevention 
VA  Veterans Administration The US department that is responsible for running the Veteran benefit system  that includes medical facilities and clinics
VD-HCBS  Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services A program under the VA that provides services to Veterans of all ages who are in need of assistance with activities of daily living, skilled services, and case management 
VHA  Veterans Health Administration The integrated health care system under the VA that serves over eight million Veterans each year
WHO  World Health Organization The specialized agency of the UN that is devoted to international public health 

 Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants and Children

A federal assistance program that is responsible for the healthcare of low-income pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and children under the age of five 
YRBS  Youth Risk Behavior Survey A biannual survey conducted by the CDC  that documents adolescent health risk behaviors such as drinking, smoking, and drug use 





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