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What is a Twitter Chat?
A Twitter Chat is a shared online conversation happening among Twitter users denoted by a unified hashtag. Popular education-related chats include #edchat, #engchat, #mathchat and #lrnchat.Twitter chats can range from small intimate discussions of a few participants to hundreds of educators contributing! Twitter chats are unique online platforms for collaboration and sharing of resources globally.
What is the #BOOSTChat?
The #BOOSTChat is a shared online conversation among out-of-school time and youth development educators hosted by world-class experts on a specified topic. The BOOST Collaborative Team provides the forum for conversation through our Twitter Handle @TEAMBOOST. The #BOOSTChat format is a Q & A time for participants to ask questions and share their experiences of the topic.
• Include #BOOSTChat in all your posts so that participants and speaker(s) can see your question or comment.

• Stay on topic with the discussion. You will be able to follow the discussion by looking for Q1 (Question 1) and A1 (Answer 1).

• If you have a private Twitter account, people won't be able to see your posts unless they are following you. Be sure to change your privacy settings to participate in the chat.

• Let your followers know beforehand you will be participating in the chat so they can join in the discussion!

• Direct Message the speaker(s) or other participants after the chat for further discussion and more information.

• Though the #BOOSTChat is a casual environment, please remember that the chat is public. Be respectful and appropriate in every tweet you post.

1. How can I join the conversation?
Simply type in #BOOSTChat into your Twitter search to see the chat feed. When asking questions or making comments, you must use #BOOSTChat in order for your tweet to come up in the chat feed. Another method is to go to and type in the hashtag #BOOSTChat to more easily follow the conversation. 

2. Who should participate in the chat?
We welcome all out-of-school time and youth development educators on the chat as well as participants interested in the topic for the month.

3. Can I promote my organization or company on the chat?
The #BOOSTChat is a time for educators to participate in a discussion on how to improve outcomes for youth and receive free resources. The chat is not a forum for promoting your organization or company. There will be networking time at the end of the chat for you to connect with any participant and provide information on the services you offer.

4. My posts are going ignored and my questions have not been answered.
Twitter Chats are fast paced and not every post can be seen or responded to by the speaker(s). Try re-posting your tweet and we will do our best to ensure the speaker(s) answer your questions.
Is your Twitter account private? Be sure to change your privacy settings to participate in the chat.

5. I'm unfamiliar with hashtags and am not sure what some of the hashtags used in the conversation are.
We recommend reading this article and familiarizing yourself with popular education hashtags before you join the chat. Please visit for more information.

6. I have further questions and/or feedback following the chat. Who do I contact?
Please Direct Message @TEAMBOOST or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any questions or feedback.



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