CEOs/Executive Directors/Program Directors/Grant Managers: WORK SMART NOT HARD

As the Lead for Technical Assistance in Los Angeles County, I see so many executives spend their time and their teams' time planning multi-day training for Site Coordinators. The training is critical but it is not the primary responsibility of this team and takes time and energy away from critical operations of the organization. The BOOST Collaborative's expertise is organizing, coordinating, and putting on professional development trainings- and with EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS! This past summer over 240 new Site Coordinators received 3 full days of hands-on, engaging experiences to prepare them for success as they began the academic year.

• Participants left with a toolkit full of ideas, templates and resources.
• Evaluations rated presenters at 90% Great.
• Participants stayed after the day to talk to the trainers on their own time
• A community was formed among those who attended and they are staying in touch with each other!
• Programs opened with success on day 1- leading to excellent attendance and offerings to students.

Do yourself and your staff a HUGE FAVOR- utilize the expertise of the BOOST Collaborative to coordinate AND train at your next professional development event!

-Mary Jo Ginty, M.B.A., Expanded Learning Regional Lead: Region 11, Expanded Learning Technical Assistance Unit, System of Support for Expanded Learning: County Lead, Los Angeles County Office of Education, Downey, CA

We recently had the pleasure of experiencing Ms. Tia Quinn's BOOST Boot Camp Training in Sacramento, CA. I strongly believe that this was one of the most rewarding trainings I have ever experienced. Tia was not only very knowledgeable in the subject matter, but she was also engaging and her passion for working with children and families truly shined through her words. Tia's training was valuable because she connected all of the material to real life stories and scenarios. This made the information not only relevant, but gave us the opportunity to reflect on our personal experiences at our school sites. We were able to talk through the stories and share some of our own. In addition to the real life experiences, her engagement level and exciting props were what made this training most memorable. In just a matter of days, strangers became friends, and acquaintances became family. Together, we realized that our purpose as educators goes beyond us, our students and our school sites. Our purpose as educators is to make the world a better place by leading our youth in the right direction. Through hands-on activities, we were able to identify ways to best support our students and families. In addition, we were able to identify how to be the best versions of ourselves in order to fully serve those in need. Her PowerPoint and handouts helped us follow along, but her energy and conversations helped us learn. Anybody that gets a chance to listen to her speak would not be disappointed. It truly was my pleasure.

-Ronald Robinson, S.T.O.R.M. Coach, Sacramento, CA

Ms. Tia's training was wonderfully engaging, thought-provoking, and practical. Her plentiful experience working in and with after-school programs was evident by her clear understanding of the needs and experiences of after-school teachers and leaders alike. The activities she taught our staff members were fun, versatile, and didn't need costly supplies. The perfect trifecta for after-school programs on a budget. Ms. Tia herself is passionate, charismatic, and nurturing to those she trains. I would highly recommend her to any interested programs.

-Sim Ribakoff, S.T.O.R.M. Coach, Sacramento, CA

Tia did an outstanding job bringing practical and engaging workshops to our front line staff who have different levels of after school program experience.  Staff were able to immediately engage students through interactive and fun activities that support California's Quality Standards for Expanded Learning.  Staff left feeling empowered, confident and ready to rock and roll!!  Looking forward to working with you again.

-Da'Lana Walker, Sr. Director, LA Conservation Corps, Los Angeles, CA 

Tia has a lot of experience not only from an administrative perspective but also could relate with front line staff. She was able to relate to staff problems that they experience at the sites and offered realistic solutions. Staff appreciated that they weren’t just getting lectured at about classroom management; they also had opportunities to move, get up and interact. Tia shared a lot of tips that pertained to daily programming that the staff could take back and try. We look forward to seeing her again to do follow-up trainings.

- Sandy Romsri, Program CoordinatorASPIRE- City of Downey, Downey, CA

After attending the BOOST Conference for multiple years, I made the decision to approach Tia to come to our annual conference to facilitate workshops on a variety of topics. I figured that since the BOOST Conference was so upbeat and beneficial, that the ability to transform through instruction was just a part of Tia’s karma. I was truly blown away! Tia is an excellent facilitator and scored some of the highest evaluation points and remarks out of the entire makeup of presenters and even keynote speakers. She reached out to the participants in her workshops and engaged them in a way that only a leader who has “walked the talk” could do. I would recommend her and the BOOST Collaborative to any organization seeking true change through actual experience based instruction. My highest accolade that I can give is that I plan to have her back every year as long as she is available to come.

- Shawn Petty, Technical Assistance Manager, Edvance Research, San Antonio, TX

I had the pleasure of winning a free training for my staff and partner agencies through BOOST Collaborative's Facebook page. Tia Quinn came out with one of her assistants and talked about the need for positive discipline and reinforcement in our afterschool programs. The session was fun, interactive, and gave the participants even time to share their own experiences from one another. The word "Collaborative" truly describes the vision of BOOST to have agencies working together, to learn from one another, and support each other. I am honored to be a BOOST Collaborative partner and foresee many future training opportunities together. Thank you, Tia and to the entire BOOST team, for always doing a great job and reminding us why we are in the business of ensuring that our youth succeed before, after and during school hours.

- Jessie Singer, Executive DirectorDysart Community CenterEl Mirage, AZ

This summer, we were privileged to attend a BOOST Collaborative Boot Camp hosted by trainer Tia Quinn. Tia Is a very inspiring and motivational speaker, you can see her passion for the success of all After School programming. During this training we worked on our leadership, professionalism, and team building skills. With the tools Tia provided us, we ere able to take it back to site and implement the "FISH" attitude. We are thankful for this Boot Camp and look forward to any future trainings with Tia Quinn and the BOOST Collaborative Family.

- Jessica Bayer, Site Supervisor, Palmetto ES, City of Fontana, Fontana, CA

Tia has helped invigorate our staff’s mindset and the way they choose to work. Our staff now understands that they are important not only for the program to function, but most importantly to positively influence the student and help them grow to be successful people. Tia’s passion for education and students resonated with staff and they were able to hear success stories that are still motivating them to this day.

- Jamie Bumia, Community Services Coordinator II, City of Fontana, Fontana, CA

BOOST taught me to utilize my staff and school administration more. BOOST helped me to create relationships within the community.

- Jonathan Palma – Site Supervisor, Alder Middle School, City of Fontana, Fontana, CA

My personal experience with the BOOST Collaborative is that it provided a great starting point for me as a site supervisor to build on professionally and personally. I was able to take much of the information that was given to us during those couple of days of training and immediately start using those tools to build a successful program. I have taken the idea of service learning projects with the students and created a program that will require the students to get involved with their community. The service learning tool was just one of the many tools that I have taken away from the BOOST training. Overall, I would highly recommend this training for all professions dealing with students and/or adults.

- Mikeyonna Deadmon – Site Supervisor, Sequoia Middle, City of Fontana, Fontana, CA

BOOST was a wakeup call for my staff and I. BOOST challenged me to be “in the moment” with my staff while in trainings, during meetings, or during site visits. Tia Quinn has a unique way of engaging all of the participants and challenging staff and supervisory staff to think outside the box. One of my personal favorite moments of the training was reciting our own commercials for our program- this gave staff the opportunity to showcase their own skills, while also utilizing strategies learned during the three-day training. The “Fish” Philosophy is a strategy that I have utilized and have asked my staff to utilize with their program participants, parents and all other program stakeholders. Numerous ideas and practices have been implemented since the training and they have all sustained themselves thanks to the hands on training atmosphere that BOOST provides. I would recommend BOOST to any and all programs in need of staff training!

- Jason Hendrix, Community Services Coordinator II Fontana After School Program, City of Fontana, Fontana, CA

Tia is a phenomenal presenter and a great advocate for Out of School Time. She recently presented for Classroom Management training in Riverside and one of the participants was quoted as saying, “Best training we ever had!”

- Martha Hall, Region 10 Lead, San Bernardino County Supt. of Schools, San Bernardino, CA

I attend the BOOST Conference because it is a very well organized conference that opens my eyes to the many layers of after school. It is informational and I have met so many people who are experts in the field. The overall vibe is very positive and collaborative. Every year I learn something new and meet more people who are dedicated to taking care of kids.

- Ranie Lambe, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Revolution Prep, Santa Monica, CA

I happened to be in San Diego this summer and offered to do a Grant  Writing Workshop for Tia and the BOOST Team. They found a wonderful location and put together an announcement in record time. I'm also honored to be a part of the national team that writes for the BOOST Breakfast Club. Some agencies use the word “Collaborative,” but BOOST exemplifies building partnerships where everyone benefits from their expertise.

- Jane Sharp, Owner, Sharp Ideas Consulting, Allentown, NJ

Being part of the BOOST Breakfast Club Blog is a true honor.  I enjoy being able to have regular access to the latest information from professionals and experts in youth-related fields.  The BOOST staff provide great guidelines for my blog and give me the freedom to be creative in my writing about challenging issues.

- Gaby Baeza, Project Specialist II, San Diego County Office of Education, San Diego, CA

The BOOST Collaborative mission and staff team are exceptional! I've been privileged to host workshops for the BOOST Conference for several years and have experienced first hand their professionalism and genuine care for both the students and staff of "out-of-school” time programs. It is a privilege networking with them for inspired and changed lives.

- Chad Furlong, President, iTHINK, San Diego, CA

The BOOST Collaborative workshops that I have been fortunate to attend have provided me with valuable tools that have enabled me to enhance my business.  The workshops that I have assisted have been held by qualified professionals who share their knowledge and expertise in an engaging manner.  There is a wide range of focal points that the workshops from BOOST Collaborative offer.  I have attended a few workshops thus far, I will continue to attend more workshops and I encourage my staff to attend them as well.

- Sharon Zeichner, Director, Bilingual Kids, San Diego, CA

The BOOST Collaborative is responsible for facilitating an annual after school conference that shouldn't be missed. Each year continues to improve with valuable and usable knowledge for participants. Individual classes provided outside the annual BOOST conference offer expert instructors and valuable information.

- Sharon Velarde, Director After School Programs, Carpinteria Unified School District, Carpinteria, CA

Working with the BOOST Collaborative has been both productive and inspiring. Whether they’re training our Primetime staff or we’re working together on a fundraiser, my experience with BOOST has been amazing. Can’t wait for our next project together!

- Sidd Vivek, Public Relations/Marketing Director, Mission Valley/Toby Wells YMCAs, San Diego, CA

Tia not only teaches the essentials of afterschool programs but presents them with real-life stories and quick-witted humor.  Tia has become a “fan favorite” at our annual Summer Institute presenting every year since the inauguration in 2006.  Her experience is vast and participants quickly relate to her, as she relates to them and their after school positions.

- Michael Nicholson, Program Specialist / Region VI Co-Lead , Stanislaus County Office of Education, Modesto, CA

Tia Quinn is a wealth of knowledge on After School programming and management.  She is able to provide staff with resource tools and hands-on learning techniques that inspire them to go back to their sites and create positive learning environments.

- Ginger Crutchfield, Director of Children’s Programs, Harmonium, Inc., San Diego, CA

I am extremely, overwhelmingly tickled to be contracting with Tia, after knowing her on other levels for the past seven years. Tia is always very professional, has amazing contacts in the world of after school, and best of all, is a lot of fun.  She makes me laugh and makes me look good--she does the hard parts of my job and I get the praise.”

- Lucia Bianchi, Region 1 Lead, After School Learning Programs, Mendocino County Office of Education, Ukiah, CA

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