Academic Curriculum and Enrichment - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
This section contains an extensive list of resources for STEM instruction including free curriculum, hands-on science activities, and comprehensive projects for motivating students in the areas of science and technology.


AAAS: Science NetLinks
Science NetLinks is a science education resource for children ages k-12. At Science NetLinks, you will find teaching tools, interactives, podcasts, and hands-on activities all for free.
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Afterschool Alliance
Here you can find a compilation of curricula, activities, and programs below that can get you started in developing your STEM activates.
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Bill Nye the Science Guy Online
Online episode guides, question of the week, and do it yourself science demo activities.
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California Learning Network
Get connected to helpful videos, documents, and fun facts dealing in the field of STEM studies.
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California STEM Service-Learning Initiative
With the aim to increase interest females and under-represented minorities have in STEM careers, CALSTEM connects you with free workshops to help improve your already existing STEM programs implement new ones in your school.
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Change the Equation
Devoted to improving PreK-12 STEM learning, Change the Equation provides the latest in STEM research and articles, a STEM program database, as well as a comprehensive overview of each state's progress in STEM education.
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The Concord Consortium
Teachers can use this website to create a portal for their classroom and implement it among students to give them more access to information and helpful curriculum.
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Connect a Million Minds
Join the initiative to connect young people to after-school opportunities that inspire them to develop the importance science, technology, engineering and math skills they need to become the problem solvers of tomorrow.
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ConnectEd Website
It designs lessons around real-world industry themes, engaging students through both challenging academic and demanding instruction.
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Cool Science
At Cool Science, we entertain questions of all kinds (Ask a Scientist). We encourage young scientists to get their hands dirty-virtually (Curious Kids). We offer high school and college students new approaches to cutting-edge science topics (BioInteractive). We provide educators with a host of innovative resources they can use in their classrooms (For Educators). We reveal what it takes to become a scientist (Becoming a Scientist). And we showcase an undergraduate science discovery project that may one day change the way science is taught (SEA).
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The Dayton Regional STEM Center
The Dayton Regional STEM Center provides resources, curriculum, and innovative ideas to teachers for creatively implementing better STEM practices into their classroom.
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Discover Engineering
Sponsored by the National Engineers Week Foundation, this site provides an overview of engineering career field. Contains video activities, games, and articles about engineering projects.
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Discovery Education
Teachers can find resources in science math and technology broken down by age groups (k-5, 6-8, 9-12). Parents can access motivational tools to use on their children, math refresher pages, and many other programs geared towards better helping their child. Lastly, students have homework and math tools right at their fingertips.
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Encouraging Girls in Math and Science (PDF)
Provided by the National Center for Education Research, the goal of this practice guide is to formulate specific and coherent evidence-based recommendations that educators can use to encourage girls in the fields of math and science. The target audience is teachers and other school personnel with direct contact with students, such as coaches, counselors, and principals. The practice guide includes specific recommendations for educators and the quality of evidence that supports these recommendations.
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Engineering is Elementary
Engineering is Elementary provides curriculum and professional development for teachers and parents to inspire their students to develop engineering literacy.
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San Fransisco’s Exploratorium offers resources, tools, and projects that help ignite curiosity and learning in scientific fields.
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Guide to Professional Development of Out-of-School Science Activity Leaders
Provided by the National Partnerships for AfterSchool Science (NPASS),
tools and articles provided here describe a model for how to engage out-of-school activity leaders in professional development around science and engineering activities for youth.
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Focusing in high school and college level STEM, create a free account to keep track of the content you are browsing through. Connect with other HippoCampus users and see what material is highest rated in their opinion. HippoCampus includes presentations in fields including biology, statistics, calculus, environmental science, physics, and algebra. Also included on this site are algebra and calculus lessons in Spanish.
Middle School IconHigh School IconHigher Education Icon is an online community that provides teachers with the best educational creative learning materials, tools, and services to create success with science and math in the classroom.
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How Stuff Works
HowStuffWorks explains hundreds of subjects, from animals to electronics, using clear language and many illustrations.
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Intel: Design and Discovery
With curriculum focused on ages 11-15, Design and Discovery equips you with printable curriculum, implementable examples, and strategies to create meaningful learning, better communication skills, and encourage systems thinking.
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Intel: Education STEM Resources
Intel provides STEM curriculum, challenges, and resources to encourage student interest and participation in this field.
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Jason Expedition Headquarters
The JASON Mission Center contains online curriculum, videos, games, and tools for students to explore various science topics.
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KHAN Academy
Feeling a little rusty on what exactly Newton’s first law of motion is? Use the KHAN Academy to brush up on topics in the fields of science, math, and humanities. This resource can also be used to set up an online classroom to assign homework to your students with the ability to track their progress and see exactly where they are struggling.
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KinEtic City
Students can go on this website to find games, experiments, and challenges which make learning science and math more fun.
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This website provides any information, relevant news, and trending topics to anyone interested in science in today’s world.
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Making Science Make Sense
Making Science Makes Sense aims to help educate the next generation of scientists, technologies, engineers, and mathematicians with hands-on education activities, riddles, science fair projects, and an experiment guide.
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MIT offers up the curriculum that is taught in their classes and supportive materials and resources to use this curriculum to contribute to STEM teachings in the classroom.
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MIT World
MIT provides you with lectures and informational videos in the STEM field as well as talks from professors, students, and inspirational leaders in the world of science and math.
High School IconHigher Education Icon is an interactive website complete with simulations, modules, and interactive tools to help inform you on all things nanotechnology. This website can be used as boundless resource for finding computational nanotechnology research, accessing teaching and learning resources, and engaging in teacher collaboration.
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NASA - Comet On a Stick 
This lesson plan from NASA gets students interested in learning about science and engineering through an interactive activity about comets and models. 
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NASA Kids Club
This site combines science and games for kids of all ages. From pattern matching to trivia games about the solar system this site has something for every student. There’s even a section to learn about the astronauts themselves.
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NASA: Practical Uses of Math and Science
PUMAS is a collection of examples already proven effective in the classroom to help children k-12 connect what they are learning in the classroom and how they can use it in their everyday life.
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National Academy of Sciences
The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is an honorific society of distinguished scholars engaged in scientific and engineering research, dedicated to the furtherance of science and technology and to their use for the general welfare.  You can read all of their published work for free online at the National Academies Press, or download them as a PDF for a fee.
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Neuroscience for Kids
Intended for elementary and secondary school students and professionals who are interested in learning more about the nervous system and brain.
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Nuts, Bolts, & Thingamajigs
With resources such as scholarships, summer camps, video sessions, and much more, this foundation is committed to sparking and growing existing interests in fabricating and manufacturing.
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Online Courses
OC provides students with lectures on STEM subjects to help improve learning and to provide supplemental information for personal and academic development.
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Pathway Project
This is a teacher developed program that incorporates technology tools and curriculum discovered in the first year project based around learning through shared experiences with students.
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PBS Teachers: STEM Education Resource Center
On PBS Teachers, gain access to information broken down by grade ranging from pre-K-12. PBS Teachers boasts having over 4000 resources in their database including, lesson plans, interactive resources, and videos to help bring the fun back into STEM.
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The Physics Classroom
Here, students can find helpful information about all levels of physics and get any support they might need from interactive videos, worksheets, and review sessions.
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The Power of Discovery: STEM 
The curriculum engages youth in learning scientific concepts and processes, the engineering design process cycle and technology creations and building.
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Quiz Hub
Get all your k-12 educational prep here. On Quiz Hub you can get homework help, educational quizzes, and even test prep help for that next state test. This site has help in all fields of study including math, science, and technology.
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Scientists, or budding scientists, can use this website to communicate with other science scholars and share their information and ideas with one another.
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The Science Explorer
Offers many hands-on science activities categorized by science themes.
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Science Notebook
Students can use science notebooks to help them understand and refine their current knowledge of science, this website encourages the use of these notebooks and provides tips and examples about how to use them successfully.
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Science Refreshers: The National Science Digital Library
Do you ever get to a topic and realize you do not remember as much about it as you should? With Science Refreshers you can choose your grade range, k-6, the topic, and instantly receive links. These links can help you brush up on the topic and become a genius once again.
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The Sightseers Guide to Engineering
Developed by the National Society of Professional Engineers, this sight provides a list of engineering marvels from each and every state. The sites listed here are a large sample of places you can visit to see of what engineers can create!
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Find the latest news on astronomy, skywatching, space exploration, commercial spaceflight, and related technologies.
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Syvum: Brain Teasers and Math Puzzles
On this site you can find a wide variety of brain teasers and math puzzles to help keep your mind thinking. Ranging from easy to challenging, the numbers change every time so you are always guaranteed a challenge!
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Tree of Life Web Project
A website containing information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their history, and characteristics.
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Understanding Science How it Really Works
This website helps teachers reinforce the nature and process of teaching science through resources, curriculum, and interactive programs.
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