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Academic Curriculum and Enrichment - History / Social Studies
This section includes a vast array of free curriculum and educational resources, including US History, World History, Women's History, Black History, Environmental History, and culture. 


America Dreams through the Decades
A project for students that allows them to search rare print documents, early motion pictures, and recorded sounds from the Library of Congress. By completing this curriculum students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the American Dream.
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The American President: Resources by PBS
Listing of recommended website for learning more about the American presidents.
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Black History Month Teacher Resources
An immense collection of activities, lesson plans, and free printables for Black History month.
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Here, teachers and students can find up to date information and videos from C-SPAN as well as historical events and information that can be used in a classroom setting.

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Common Core Conversation

This website provides links to many difference resources for reaching the common core standards in Social Studies.

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The Cornerstone

Often time teacher and students think learning Social Studies is boring, but it is all in the way it is taught! This website provides fun, interactive ideas for teachers to use in the classroom to get students more excited to learn about history.

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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
A collection of over 150,000 Historical Maps available for free viewing online. The site also includes news articles and videos explaining historical cartography.
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Digital History
An online collection of documents, virtual exhibits, and other multimedia resources covering the whole of American History. This website also provides an online textbook.
Middle School IconHigh School Icon provides plenty of lesson plans for teachers to implement into their classroom in all subject necessary for elementary education.
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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Here, teachers can find links to websites that allow free viewing of documentaries. These are easily shown in a classroom setting and can be paired with any Social Studies lesson to enhance learning.

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educationworld provides a listing of the national standards of Social Sciences for all grades.

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Global Studies Summer Curriculum 
For units to have purpose, they need to grow as living documents. We encourage teachers to adapt these units and then come together and share their ideas and experiences towards this curriculum through the Knowledge Base of New Visions.
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Go Social Studies Go
Go Social Studies Go provides a unique and fun way to look at history that will keep students interested and engaged.
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The Historical Society
Teacher resources on World History, American History, and Environmental History.
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iCivics is a nonprofit organization that specializes in enhancing civic learning through interactive and engaging resources that make learning about civic duty and the government more fun.

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Here, parents and teachers can find resources to supplement a students understanding of social studies from the classroom.

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Students can play games, learn Social Studies, and watch videos on this site that will help enhance their education.

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The Library of Congress
The Library of Congress contains an instrumental collection of online resources on American and World History.
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This website provides middle school curriculum  for teachers and parents to help students better understand what they are learning in the classroom.

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Mission US

Students can use this website to travel through historical events and learn what happened first hand.

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National Archives - Teacher's Resources
American History resources for educators provided by the National Archives including lesson plans & activities, school tours, primary resources, and state & regional resources.
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National Center for History in the Schools
Sponsored by UCLA, the NCHS provides curriculum to help educators teach American and World History in accordance with national standards.
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National Constitution Center

The Constitution Center bring the US Constitution to life in an interactive and involved way which helps students learn in a fun way.

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National Council for the Social Studies

The NCSS engages and supports educators all over the United States in improving Social Studies curriculum and enhancing the way students learn about their place in our democracy.

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National Geographic: Education 
Geography lesson plans, activities, and printable atlas maps for K-12. National Geographic for kids includes games, activities, and stories.
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National Women's History Museum
Educational resources on women’s history including lesson plans, quizzes, and biographies.
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Here, teachers can find tools to improve their lessons and give a better understanding of Social Studies to their students.
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PowerPoint Palooza
These presentations range in size from a dozen or so slides each to over 145 slides.
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Sheppard’s Software
A variety of educational games and quizzes with varied difficulty levels to continuously challenge students and exercise the brain.
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Smarthistory at Khan Academy is the leading open educational resource for art history. We make high-quality introductory art history content freely available to anyone, anywhere. Smarthistory is a platform for the discipline where art historians contribute in their areas of expertise and learners come from across the globe.
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Smithsonian Education
Free lesson plans on History & Culture provided by the Smithsonian Institution.
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Social Studies for Kids

On this website students can find current events, historical facts, and anything they wish to know about history.

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Social Studies Online
Social Studies Online emphasizes the use of technology to deliver social studies curriculum for grades K-8. This website includes lesson plans, interactive activities, worksheets and links organized by grade level.
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Social Studies Resources 
Greece Central School District provides free resources for building curriculum based around 5th-8th grade learning guidelines of common core.
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Teaching American History
A website focused on teaching American History with a document library, in-depth lesson plans, and audio lectures.
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Teaching History
An easy-to-use resource on teaching history with extensive lesson plans for K-12 education. The site also includes resources for English Language Learners.
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Teaching with Simplicity

This blog provides a wealth of information about teaching tips, it also has helpful apps to use with students. This particular one provides an app where students can be quizzed on geography.

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As part of the New York Times, students and teachers can use this resource to look back on the news articles of past events.

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Windows to the Universe
Lesson plans and activities related to the Universe including Science & Literacy, Our Solar System, Atmosphere & Weather, Geology & Geography, Climate, Water, & Life, Sun & Space Weather, Physics & Chemistry, and Special Curriculum from NASA.
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World History for Us All
Everything a teacher needs is on World History for All, lesson plans, videos, and other helpful resources.
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